Please download our Fero Ground Support Product Brochure (PDF file)


Friction Stabiliser

Friction stabilisers provide instant ground support and offer the advantage of a single pass installation.



Wriggle Bolts

Wriggle Bolts are a simple and effective system that enables resin bolting in large holes for long-term support.


Threaded Bar (Solid Bolts)

Threaded Bar Bolts are effective in both manual and mechanical operations and can be installed with either resin or cementitious grouts.




Cable bolt

Cable Bolts are designed for metaliferous mining and civil construction reinforcement in areas of strata movement.


Support Plates

Fero Strata Support Plates offer optimal surface support when used in
conjunction with Fero friction stabilisers, wriggle bolts, solid bolts and cable bolts.




Fero Strata Mesh and Strap are
designed to provide additional
underground surface support
when rock bolting.


Fero Strata’s cementitious grout
range can be used to secure solid bolts and cable bolts as well as general strata injection and consolidation applications.


Shotcrete Admixture

Shotcrete admixtures work to alter the viscosity of cementitious materials to provide flexibility
when shotcreting.


Fero manufactures and supplies a comprehensive choice of accessories to complement our range of ground support products.