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Fero is a national and international manufacturer and supplier of superior quality steel products and anti-corrosion services to the critical mining, construction, infrastructure and marine industries.

As well as supplying the staples of the mining industry, including friction stabilisers, rock bolts, yielding bolts, reinforcing mine mesh and bar, grouts, cable bolts and a range of accessory products, Fero’s R&D team works closely with our customers to provide solutions to problems and unusual jobs.

Our hot dip galvanising plant in Queensland is Australia’s largest facility, measuring (13m x 1.8m x 3m). Our Western Australia dip galvanising plant isn’t far behind, measuring 2.6 metres deep and 1.6 metre wide. The European-designed kettle and heating system has the capacity to hot-dip galvanise more than 200 tonnes of steel a month – backed up by a 25 tonne forklift and a 10 tonne double beam galvanising crane. And Fero Blast boasts one of the largest blasting chambers in Western Australia, (30m x 6m x 6m) and a 35,000 square metre external blasting facility, that can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Each of the Fero Group business divisions is an industry leader in the delivery of its specialist products and services and offers significant capabilities.

Fero Strata is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of ground support products to suit the needs of the underground mining and tunnelling industries. Developed as a business unit dedicated to innovation and customer service, Fero Strata’s technical and research and development teams offer significant technical expertise, including a full-time chemist, and can custom design and produce specific purpose products.

Fero Reinforcing is a tier one manufacturer and supplier of reinforcing bar, reinforcing mesh and associated concrete-in-steel products to the construction industry. Supplying a comprehensive range of reinforcing associated products for steel-in-concrete for the construction industry, Fero Reinforcing also further extends the Group’s supply chain capabilities to the mining sector with Strata Mesh and Reinforcing Bar.

Fero Galv’s Western Australian and Queensland galvanising plants are two of the largest galvanising kettles in Australia, and Fero Blast has one of the largest abrasive blasting chambers in Western Australia.

As a group of businesses — Fero Strata, Fero Reinforcing, Fero Galv and Fero Blast — provide the considerable competitive advantage of a single supply chain, economies of scale, more efficient turn-around times and cost savings.

All Fero Group products and services are subject to strict quality control systems and programs that are consistent with the certification requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.