Fero Strata is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of ground support products to suit the needs of the underground mining and tunnelling industries.

Our range of products include: friction stabilisers, wriggle bolts, solid bolts, cable bolts, dynamic bolts and a full range of strata-support plates, strata mesh and strata straps and all the associated accessories,mechanical and grout anchors, resins and admixtures for shotcreting required for underground mining and tunnelling ground support.

Our highly skilled and experienced technical services team and engineers have relevant industry backgrounds and training and offer extensive technical and product knowledge.

We work with our customers on site and undertake in-situ testing, including borehole micrometer measurement as well as in-house testing to ensure we offer the best advice, the right products for the job, operator and installation training.

Our full-time industrial Chemist is available to develop grouting and admixture products for various strata conditions.

Fero Strata has been developed as a business unit dedicated to continuous improvement. Our research and development team is constantly looking to develop new products, improve safety and productivity for our customers and we can design and manufacture products to suit specific requirements.

Stringent in-house and in-situ quality testing ensures all of our products meet, if not exceed, Australian standards. Our technical services team also works with the Western Australian School of Mines (Curtin University) and Australian Centre for Geomechanics (University of Western Australia) to conduct independent quality testing of products and with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited metallurgical laboratories to test steel composition and ensure the highest quality products.