Investing in the latest equipment and working to world best practice systems ensures Fero Galv is a leading supplier for a wide range of infrastructure projects — from light commercial industry through to large-scale mining and oil & gas projects.

Our state-of-the-art Galvanising plant in Queensland is the largest Hot-Dip Galvanising facility in Australia and represents a level of investment and commitment to our industry not previously seen in Australia.

Our Western Australian plant at Kewdale also houses one of the State’s largest facilities.

The European-designed kettles, combustion systems and automated mechanical handling systems are not only the most technologically advanced, providing uniformity of surface quality and increased safety and environmental control in the production process, they enable us to vertically hot-dip galvanise increasingly larger items, resulting in a smoother finish and a reduction in the potential for hand injury.

Our long-standing team of executive, technical and operational staff stretching from coast-to-coast, has a combined knowledge base and technical ability totalling many decades – a cumulative wealth of experience that empowers us to better service our extensive customer base.

In Western Australia, Fero Galv and Fero Blast combine individual skills and accumulated knowledge to achieve a synergistic approach to problem solving and provide the ultimate integrated anti-corrosion services in the one location.

All of this works to ensure our customers are getting the best advice, superior quality and efficient turn-around times.

WA Zinc Bath Dimensions: Queensland Zinc Bath Dimensions:
15m long
2.2m wide
3.6m deep
13m long
1.8m wide
3m deep

Please note: dipping capacity is slightly less than the zinc bath size. Items larger than zinc bath capacity may be double-end dipped.


Why Galvanise?

  • Low cost
  • High quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life
  • Speed of application
  • Reliability — durable and predicable performance
  • Toughness — resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage
  • Complete coverage
  • Faster construction — Galvanised steel is ready for use.