Working at Fero

Fero employs more than 300 staff nationally and services a wide range of clients from large multinational companies to small and medium-sized business in the public and private sector. With its beginnings in Perth, Western Australia, more than 30 years ago. Fero has since grown to be a sizable business and maintains an employee-focused culture that values employee growth and rewards for high performance.

Fero’s unique culture

Fero’s unique family owned, "hands-on" approach is what has made the company a success. The management team at Fero works hard to maintain a culture that values excellence in work, honesty, transparency, respect and strong ethical foundations. As an employee of Fero you experience a friendly, caring, work environment and also are a part of a rapidly growing national company.

Employee growth

Fero’s organisational structure provides for challenge, autonomy, meaningfulness and variety in work. To support this dynamic workplace, Fero offers employees advancement opportunities, personal growth and development experiences and training programs.

Rewarding performance

Fero’s Remuneration Strategy aims to attract and retain high-performing employees by recognising excellence and hard work. Fero employees are offered competitive salary packages, which are based on industry benchmarks and also consider individual employee growth. Additionally, Fero employees are also offered a performance-related bonus that recognises individual effort.