Fero Reinforcing Projects

Great Northern Highway realignment


Project — Great Northern Highway Realignment

Client — John Holland

Where — Port Hedland

Tonnage — 1000 tonnes

Date — May-June 2013

Fero Group is heavily involved with the re-alignment of the Great Northern Highway and the construction of several bridges in Port Hedland.

Fero’s Sales Manager Reinforcing, Jamie Buchanan, said: “This has been a challenging project for us, but the end result is a smoother access to Port Hedland and through to the Broome turn-off.

“For the construction of the bridge over the railway, John Holland has two opportunities per year when the railway will be free — there are two 12-hour windows in June. If they miss those, then they have to wait at least six months, maybe more.

“Hence, it has been a time-precious venture, but it is on track to be done in time,” he said.


Gorgon Project

Project – Leightons Gorgon Infrastructure

Tonnage – Approx. 20,000

Date – from 2011 and still ongoing

Site – Barrow Island


The site is a very sensitive environment and there are a lot of environmental concerns to be addressed when sending product there. We have extremely tight quarantine measures that we have to adhere to in order to fulfil the contract, the end result of which is steel (bar, mesh etc) wrapped inside protective plastic . These containers are inspected by the client and then shipped to the remote site.


City Square Tower

Client: Brookfield
Total tonnage: 3200t
Year: 2008/11/01

The City Square Tower is the tallest building to be added to the Perth skyline. Fero Reinforcing has enjoyed ensuring product quality and consistency of service for this project. Facilitating tight deadlines, product design and ensuring effective and regular communications has lead to a successful relationship and positive delivery outcome.


Fremantle Ports Berth 10 Upgrade

Client: Thiess / Georgiou Joint Venture
Total tonnage: 1000t
Year: 2009/06/01

Fero Reinforcing supplied specialty heavy-duty bar spacers and pre-assembled bar cages to meet design specifications and program requirements for the reconstruction of Fremantle Port Berth 10 and upgrades of Berths 4 – 9. A combination of supply to precast concrete elements, in-situ bars and conformance to security and regular daily operations of the Port continuing around the upgrade works required multiple location deliveries within strict time frames.


Fiona Stanley Hospital – Building Block B (Main Ward)

Client: Structural Systems (Subcontract to Brookfield)
Total tonnage: 6000t
Year: 2010/01/01

As an iconic capital investment by the government of Western Australia, Fero Reinforcing is proud to be a key supplier to the Main Ward of the largest hospital precinct in the State. Working with a broad team of subcontractors, Fero Reinforcing worked to ensure flexible and dynamic service to meet the logistical needs of a multiple project site. Our Project Manager and team of reinforcing steel schedulers efficiently managed consistent and effective service delivered to all key areas.