Fero staff member driven by goals

Perth, June 8, 2011

At Fero Group it's not all about steel and galvanising.

Rob Greig is a man driven by goals, as his car number plates attest.

The Key Account Manager — Mesh and Bar believes that to succeed in life, you need to set goals on a yearly basis and follow them through.

Rob believes so much in this philosophy that he has become an accomplished musician, painter, massage therapist, public speaker, welder, plumber and is currently studying Croatian.

He says you must work on your weaknesses and enjoy your strengths.

“You must be real to yourself as it comes across as being genuine.”

Goals must be realistic and Rob says you must take stock of those goals at the end of each year to see what you have and have not achieved.

“Be kind to yourself if you have not achieved a goal. Nothing is lost or wasted.

“Why set goals? It enables you to enjoy your life and become a better person. Let’s face it. Life can become very repetitive.”

Rob has been with Fero Reinforcing for two years and has been in the construction industry for 14 years. He has a Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Rob likes nothing better than to set mood lightning, music, pour a lovely glass of wine and take up a paintbrush in what has become a consuming passion for water colours.

His guitar playing is also inspirational and an essential part of his life. He has knocked around Fremantle playing with various Blues bands and likes nothing better than a jam session with musical friends.

He has even jammed with the best in Las Vegas, USA and Melbourne while on business conferences.

One of his proudest achievements is to play the lead guitar for the incomparable “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd, a tricky piece that took him a year to learn.

“You have to be able to hit the notes exactly otherwise it can sound like you are strangling a cat,” he says.

The former karate and rugby league player has also recorded a single — “A Dollar in Disguise”. When asked by someone if it was a Dire Straits song he was playing, he proudly said, “No, it’s mine!”

Other achievements Rob rates highly are improving his listening skills; travelling to the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Borneo; surfing; being able to relax; playing rugby for Western Australia against the NSW Blues and sticking to a budget.

“I have also learned patience, knowing you can win a battle and lose the war.”

Next on Rob’s long list of goals? Achieving another 100 new customers for Fero! He has already achieved the first 100!

He wants to  build that customer relationship with them "so we can truly work together with a mutual benefit", he says.