Fero Strata supplies Queensland gold mine

July 11, 2011

Fero Strata’s shotcrete admixture division has been awarded the supply of shotcrete admixtures to Jetcrete OZ Mt Wright Gold operations in north-western Queensland.

The Mt Wright site is 120km west of Townsville near the town of Ravenswood, one of Queensland’s oldest gold-mining regions. Mining started in the area in the early 1900s and the underground operations started in 2006 .

The mine is operated by Resolute Carpentaria Gold. Jetcrete OZ has been supplying and applicating shotcrete at the site since its start in June 2006.

Fero Strata Admixtures was awarded the supply of Shotcrete Admixtures in June of this year. Jetcrete conducted several trials over many months with all of the admixture companies invited to tender.

The Mt Wright site had a very high KPI in regard to re-entry times. Fero Strata’s shotcrete accelerator AF2000 was selected due to its high performance, giving 1Mpa within the two-hour re-entry time requirement. Jetcrete’s Kan Seah conducted all of the testing for re-entry times using the Meyco penetrometer system. Fero Strata AF 2000 also has several other benefits, including long shelf life and no requirement for agitation before use or during storage.

Fero Strata’s National Sales Manager for shotcrete admixture, Mick Pawelski, and Queensland Technical Sales Manager Shane Ogilvie recently conducted on-site operator training. All the Jetcrete staff who attended the course received certificates of participation.

Jetcrete Staff in training with their certificates (from left): Tony Liversage, Kan Seah (QA Eastern Australia) and Shane Ebsworth.