Fero — committed to quality

Perth, September 7, 2011

Fero places maximum emphasis on quality control in all spheres of its operations.

Meet the people who are working tirelessly to make sure that Fero is quality assured in every respect.

QHSE Coordinator Amanda Davis (right) and Quality Coordinator Srikanth Kambhampati are tasked with ensuring that an effective QHSE system is developed, implemented and maintained throughout the business. Amanda also regularly conducts safety compliance audits to make sure that everyone follows correct practice and Sri is monitoring overall quality system that necessary inspections and tests are carried out during manufacturing of products.

Amanda and Sri are also involved with investigation of QHSE Incidents and customer complaints by identifying the root cause and putting a system in place so similar problems do not reoccur.

QHSE commitment is ingrained in every aspect of Fero’s organisation and at all levels. Fero’s senior management recognises the importance of QHSE to its overall business strategy and the interests of its stakeholders.

“As we grow it is important that we make sure that we comply with Government rules and regulations, contractual requirements, and at the same time we expand and manage our business cost effectively and this cannot be  achieved without having good business management  systems,”  Fero managing Director Michael Franco said.

"Quality, health, safety and environment concerns are integral to the way we conduct business. Our ISO 9001 certifications demonstrate our commitment to QHSE policies and procedures, quality of service to our customers, well-being of our employees and commitment to minimising our impact on the environment," Group Operations Manager Craig Roberts said.

For the past few months Fero’s senior management has devoted lots of time and put resources into developing and implementing the QHSE system. But any system is only as good as the employees that engage with it. To ensure our crews are trained to applicable QHSE standards, we employ QHSE field professionals.

Fero has also developed some in-house tools with the help from the IT team. Fero’s intranet carries all the necessary policies, procedures, instructions and forms for the all-important tasks and steps required. Recently Fero rolled out a newly developed QSHE notification system which is the first stop for reporting all QHSE issues.

Because of all these efforts, Fero has achieved some excellent results, such as a reduction in HSE incidents, and also good quality systems assisted in winning some good customer contracts.

Fero is now working on the development of an Environmental Management System and Plan to get audited for accreditation for OHS standard AS/NZS 4801 and Environmental Standard ISO 14000.

Craig said: “We work towards continual improvement and strive to minimise risk to the health and safety of our employees and the environment. Our commitment is reflected in our training programmes, social responsibility and sustainability programmes, daily operations and in our development of new business.”