Internship programme starts with Sebastian

Perth, October 12, 2011

Fero Group has started an internship programme with the recent arrival of German student Sebastian Hetzel (24).

Sebastian (above left with Group Sales Manager Phil Martin) began with the company on October 3 and will have two stints at the company, finishing in March 2012.

Sebastian attends the Georg Simon Ohm Hochshule in Nurnberg, Bavaria, studying business administration.

He is in Australia for six months as part of a work experience study.

Sebastian said that his experience at Fero was amazing. “People are so polite and friendly. I like the sales work because of the interaction with customers.

“In Germany, there is not that connection or relationship. They just tend to get the contract and move on.

“At Fero there is more concentration on the relationship. That means you don’t just get the one-off contract but you get two and three.

“It’s different in Germany. We only look at the next job,” Sebastian said.

He is two years into his degree and is finding Australia so far to be a friendly atmosphere.

“The best thing about Australians is they are so friendly and polite.

“It’s just amazing that when I meet the big boss he says ‘hi mate’ whereas in Germany the big boss would not normally acknowledge you. There is a big distance. He’d never call you mate. That’s cool.”

Sebastian’s specific tasks at Fero will see him cover all aspects of the sales process.

His first week was enjoyable. “I did some orders. I’ve been driving around Perth to see what Fero is selling. I did some estimating and I’ve met some of the customers, as well as doing follow-up phone calls.”

Welcome to the team, Sebastian.