Fero's Queensland galvanising team

Fero's Galvanising Team in Queensland —


Vic Joubert —

General Manager Vic Joubert is a veteran of 32 years working in the galvanising industry.


He believes quality and service is the basis of an excellent galvanising business, and this


continues to be his mantra and commitment to service Fero’s customers in Queensland.


Nigel Birkhead —

Sales Manager Nigel Birkhead has been involved in the steel fabrication, construction, and

distribution business for the past 20 years, and he recently returned to Queensland after spending

12 months at Fero’s head office in Perth.


David Evans —

Key Account Manager David Evans has been involved in all facets of the galvanising

industry for over 20 years, and is a current board member of the Galvanisers' Association

of Australia.

Russell Knowles —

Sales Executive Russell Knowles has been involved in the galvanising industry for the

past 11 years, having originally started in the production area, and brings a wealth of

knowledge to his position.



Vic Joubert

Queensland General Manager

Nigel Birkhead

Queensland Galvanising Sales Manager

David Evans

Queensland Key Account Manager

Russell Knowles

Queensland Sales Executive