New spin shop opens in Queensland

September 27, 2012 —

Fero Group is putting a new “spin” on its Narangba complex in Queensland.


A new spin shop has been commissioned with the ability to galvanise the smallest objects.

Sitting alongside its huge galvanising bath — the largest in Australia — the new spin shop is ready for action and can galvanise the likes of angle brackets, nuts and bolts, screws and any specialised galvanising.

Fero’s Queensland manager Vic Joubert is confident the new spin shop will attract plenty of business.

“It’s state-of-the-art technology, brand new and we have an experienced team of galvanisers. At the end of the day, that’s an important ingredient,” he says of the team.

“We have a commitment to quality and providing excellent service.”

He says the spin shop takes up about 20 percent of the undercover area of the complex.

Fero’s special projects manager Queensland, Lindsay Jones, says:

“Our new spin shop is really a further confirmation of our commitment to the galvanising industry in general, with an unrivalled level of customer service.

“Like our new main plant, when compared with other facilities in the State of Queensland, it is unprecedented in terms of capital investment and utilisation of the latest technology available.

“It is a twin-line, high-volume, high-efficiency plant, and will complement what we have already achieved in the creation of the landmark main plant,” Lindsay says.

“A highly experienced team of specialised spin shop operators has been eagerly awaiting the commissioning of the new plant, so the workers can further demonstrate their skills to a continuously expanding customer base.

“It will represent the completion of our ultimate goal of operating the largest, most modern, and most efficient galvanising operation in Queensland,” he says.

From the smallest of threaded fasteners, to the largest of structural members for the mining industry, Fero will become the supplier of choice for the most discerning of customers.