Fero helps realign GNH

May 20, 2013

Fero Group is heavily involved with the re-alignment of the Great Northern Highway and the construction of several bridges in Port Hedland.

Fero’s Sales Manager Reinforcing, Jamie Buchanan, said: “This has been a challenging project for us, but the end result is a smoother access to Port Hedland and through to the Broome turn-off.

“For the construction of the bridge over the railway, John Holland has two opportunities per year when the railway will be free — there are two 12-hour windows in June. If they miss those, then they have to wait at least six months, maybe more.

“Hence, it has been a time-precious venture, but it is on track to be done in time,” he said.

The picture with the five columns (some in plastic for curing) is the bridge over the railway.

The other one (with just the steel sticking out) is the second bridge over the Broome road.