Great Northern Highway realignment


Project — Great Northern Highway Realignment

Client — John Holland

Where — Port Hedland

Tonnage — 1000 tonnes

Date — May-June 2013

Fero Group is heavily involved with the re-alignment of the Great Northern Highway and the construction of several bridges in Port Hedland.

Fero’s Sales Manager Reinforcing, Jamie Buchanan, said: “This has been a challenging project for us, but the end result is a smoother access to Port Hedland and through to the Broome turn-off.

“For the construction of the bridge over the railway, John Holland has two opportunities per year when the railway will be free — there are two 12-hour windows in June. If they miss those, then they have to wait at least six months, maybe more.

“Hence, it has been a time-precious venture, but it is on track to be done in time,” he said.