Weddings call Vicky away

July 7, 2014

She’s walked down the aisle for her wedding this year and now she is going to hear more wedding bells ringing in her ears.


Fero Group Customer Service Officer Vicky Hunt is leaving the company she has served so well for the past four and a half years to take on a project of her own — opening a wedding dress boutique in North Fremantle.

Vicky came to Australia seven years ago from England where she graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in retail marketing and distribution.

“I worked in retail for three years before Kerry Beamish, one of Fero’s schedulers, came into the shop and said the customer service officer was leaving and did she want her to put her name forward for the role?

“I came to see Sam Griffiths and he gave me the job straight away.

“I’ve always been the Customer Service Officer, mainly being the point of contact for customers, doing pricing, popping orders through the system… anything to do with stock,” she says.

“I do internal service as well, supporting all the people working in reinforcing — codes, data entry, files for jobs, etc.

“What I like about customer service is that people become your friends. You’ll have a good laugh with them and get to know the customers pretty well. I’m here

to support and lighten up the office and make people happy, keep their spirits up. “

Fero has been very supportive throughout her stay. “I came in with no experience in the industry, although I did have customer-service experience. They trained me up and sent me on courses. They talked to me about what I wanted to do at Fero. I wanted to do a bit of marketing so they have given that to me, like the golf day; also little marketing initiatives. They listen to you, recognise what you can do and help you to do it. They’re happy to invest time in you, which is outstanding.”

Vicky said she would be sad to be leaving a really good employer.

However, the new venture has been at the back of her mind for some time, an itch she just couldn’t scratch and a chance to make use of her degree.

“I got married to Ryan in March. When we were getting married and on honeymoon we talked of  \having a family, and chatted about all the things we wanted to do.

“I already have a side job designing and making jewellery, so having a shop and giving it a go, putting my degree to use, is a natural progression,” she says.

She will deal in classic and vintage-inspired wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and London.

To be called “Through the White Door”. the business will operate from Unit 14, off 210 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle.

“I’m targeting the bride who wants to be different, because she’s not a traditional bride, not a rebel, but unique.”

Vicky said she would be the only business in Perth catering for vintage-inspired dresses. “They would suit the bride with a location wedding, garden or beach, probably not walking down the church aisle. She will also deal in wedding accessories.

Her experience with Fero has brought her to the calling that she hopes will shape her future.

“I think with Fero it has helped me refine my administration and organisation and customer service skills across all different types of people. I think also it was the first job I had working in a professional environment, so you’re exposed to working with leaders at the sharp end of an industry-leading business — working with people who make the decisions.

“Thank you, Fero.”

Jamie Buchanan, Sales Manager Reinforcing, had this to say about Vicky:

"Vicky has been an integral part of the Fero reinforcing team for over four years so it is sad to see her leave. I wish her all the best in the new venture, which I know is something dear to her heart. Good luck Vicky!"