Agnes hungry for WA tunnels

July 8, 2014

Agnes Boldizsar almost prefers being underground more than under the harsh Western Australian sunlight.

Much of her working life has been “selling fresh air” and working underground as a civil engineer with ventilation expertise.

Hired to work as an account manager with Fero Group company Deltaflex, Agnes hails from Hungary and moved to Perth from Dublin, Ireland where she worked for six years maintaining a newly built tunnel from the port to the airport.

“I love tunnels. I have spent 10 years in tunnels and the deeper the better.”

She graduated with a Masters in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering and worked for four years in Hungary with two of those years in the south of the country drilling 4km-long tunnels through granite deposits into the base of a mountain to create chambers for the storage of radioactive waste from Hungary’s nuclear power station. She had to design the ventilation for the shafts and cross passages for the grade two and three radioactive waste.

She also worked for two years with urban tunnelling in Budapest.

“This was something new. My company tendered and won the building of three new metro stations out of 10 commissioned. I was a site engineer working on ventilation shafts and working towards ground support, installation of wiring, etc. I had to write a method statement booklet and worked with designers, contractors, tender documentation, sourcing materials, wire mesh and survey settlement.

In 2004, the Dublin tunnel was completed and in 2006, Agnes took on a role to oversee road quality, cleanliness and supervising road contractors regarding civil engineering. “It was a nice experience, but it was time to move on,” she says, of her shift to Perth in March this year.

Agnes, who was born in Miskolc in the north-east of Hungary, had the opportunity to study for a semester at the Colorado School of Mines in the united States in 2002, and says that she now has some of those classmates residing in Perth. She studied at the mining department and her subject was drilling, blasting and rock mechanics. “I was drilling and blasting with my two hands in an old experimental silver mine. It was one of my very, very good memories.

“It was an experience that really opened my mind to world travelling and opportunities.

Here on a skilled migrant visa, Agnes has been charged with brand awareness at Deltaflex, bringing her undoubted ventilation experience to the role.

“I am studying the characteristics and where we stand in the market. We have very good quality products, developed in WA — good quality at a good price. My position is to promote the name to the marketplace and our wide range of ventilation products.

“I will talk to the relevant engineers and explore their specific needs for various sites and what products are most fitting,” she says.

Agnes was awed by her first experience of Kalgoorlie and said she liked the town but professed to being a city girl.

“I have already been to Kalgoorlie and visited three gold mines. I was amazed.

“I love going down mines, no matter what depths, I’m really an underground person, like a mole. I have 10 years of underground experience and really understand their needs.“

Agnes will also offer Fero ground support and underground knowledge while

Dealing with ventilation at Deltaflex.

Fero Group Sales Manager Phil Martin said that Agnes’ experience would stand her in good stead with the company.

“We have a diverse range of clients and projects and Agnes will fit seamlessly into what we are trying to achieve at Deltaflex and Fero. Her underground experience, in particular, will prove invaluable as we move forward.”