Quality reinforces higher standard

Perth, April 29, 2011

Fero is now ACRS approved. What does that mean?

It means that Fero has achieved the highest standards possible when it comes to quality assurance with its products. While ISO approved in the past, Fero is now accredited with the Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel.

ACRS administers an industry-based, independent, third-party product certification scheme, certifying reinforcing, pre-stressing and structural steels to Australian Standards.

Why is ACRS necessary? The globalisation of the steel industry and the increase in the number of domestic processors has created the potential for the supply of reinforcing steel of unconfirmed origin and quality.

Due to the strong focus on quality and safety in the Australian construction industry, local builders have come to expect construction materials to comply with all relevant Australian Standards.

However, with reinforcing steel and prestressing strand now being sourced from various suppliers within Australia and from other parts of the world, designers, specifiers and contractors can no longer necessarily assume that the reinforcing steel delivered to site will continuously meet their requirements.

It is essential that Australia has an independent product certification scheme to ensure that we do not allow our construction standards to be eroded through the supply of potentially non-complying materials.