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Manufacturing Facility
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Technical Services

Fero Strata technical services engineers work with NATA-accredited metallurgical laboratories to test steel composition and with the Western Australian School of Mines and the Australian Centre for Geomechanics to conduct independent quality testing of all products.

Each member of our technical services team has a background in mining and or significant technical experience. The team provides a range of technical services, including training, in-situ testing and the research and development of individual products to suit specific requirements.

Fero Strata’s in-house industrial Chemist is available to develop grouting and admixture products to suit various strata conditions. Fero Strata’s technical services include:

In-House testing:

All Fero Strata products undergo in-house testing and trials prior to the necessary underground trials and are subject to ongoing rigorous quality testing as part of our quality management system. Fero Strata’s in-house testing equipment and quality management systems ensure efficient and accurate testing results flow back to the Operations team to ensure the highest quality.

Ground support expertise:

When geological conditions require products to be trialled, our technical engineers can provide on-site expertise and advice and recommend products to best suit the strata conditions.

Multiple project services:

Our highly skilled technicians can assist with standardisation of products across multiple projects sites to ensure a cost-effective approach.

Operator and installation training:

Operator and installation training is available to suit customer requirements.


Training packages can be tailored for individual, site-specific requirements.

In-situ testing:

In-situ product testing programs can be undertaken to agreed levels and timings. A product-testing report is forwarded to the appropriate personnel on completion. In-situ testing services include pull-testing for friction stabilisers, solid bolts, and resin-anchored bolts. When ground conditions change or a change of product is required to suit new conditions, our team can also assist borehole micrometer analysis.

Emergency response:

Technical services are available after hours as required by customers.



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Research & Development

Fero Strata has been developed as a business unit dedicated to continuous improvement. We work directly with our clients on site to deliver customised solutions for our clients.

The strong technical knowledge and experience of the Fero Strata team ensures we provide solutions, which are perfectly adapted to suit the specific mining and tunnelling conditions and requirements.

Fero’s 225 stabiliser plate is an example of a product that was purpose-developed as a cost-effective alternative to the duplex plate for one of our clients. The 225 stabiliser plate is now a staple of the Fero range.

Fero’s franklin plate is another purpose-designed product developed in-house. The franklin plate is a 4mm ribbed support plate that provides a high load capacity but is more cost-effective and stronger than the similar load-bearing capacity 8mm dome plate.

If you have a problem you need assistance with, think there is a better way of doing things or you have a ground support product that you would like to bring to the market, talk to our R&D team.



Fero Strata is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of ground support products to suit the needs of the underground mining and tunnelling industries.

Our range of products include: friction stabilisers, wriggle bolts, solid bolts, cable bolts, dynamic bolts and a full range of strata-support plates, strata mesh and strata straps and all the associated accessories,mechanical and grout anchors, resins and admixtures for shotcreting required for underground mining and tunnelling ground support.

Our highly skilled and experienced technical services team and engineers have relevant industry backgrounds and training and offer extensive technical and product knowledge.

We work with our customers on site and undertake in-situ testing, including borehole micrometer measurement as well as in-house testing to ensure we offer the best advice, the right products for the job, operator and installation training.

Our full-time industrial Chemist is available to develop grouting and admixture products for various strata conditions.

Fero Strata has been developed as a business unit dedicated to continuous improvement. Our research and development team is constantly looking to develop new products, improve safety and productivity for our customers and we can design and manufacture products to suit specific requirements.

Stringent in-house and in-situ quality testing ensures all of our products meet, if not exceed, Australian standards. Our technical services team also works with the Western Australian School of Mines (Curtin University) and Australian Centre for Geomechanics (University of Western Australia) to conduct independent quality testing of products and with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited metallurgical laboratories to test steel composition and ensure the highest quality products.



Please download our Fero Ground Support Product Brochure (PDF file)


Friction Stabiliser

Friction stabilisers provide instant ground support and offer the advantage of a single pass installation.



Wriggle Bolts

Wriggle Bolts are a simple and effective system that enables resin bolting in large holes for long-term support.


Threaded Bar (Solid Bolts)

Threaded Bar Bolts are effective in both manual and mechanical operations and can be installed with either resin or cementitious grouts.




Cable bolt

Cable Bolts are designed for metaliferous mining and civil construction reinforcement in areas of strata movement.


Support Plates

Fero Strata Support Plates offer optimal surface support when used in
conjunction with Fero friction stabilisers, wriggle bolts, solid bolts and cable bolts.




Fero Strata Mesh and Strap are
designed to provide additional
underground surface support
when rock bolting.


Fero Strata’s cementitious grout
range can be used to secure solid bolts and cable bolts as well as general strata injection and consolidation applications.


Shotcrete Admixture

Shotcrete admixtures work to alter the viscosity of cementitious materials to provide flexibility
when shotcreting.


Fero manufactures and supplies a comprehensive choice of accessories to complement our range of ground support products.